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Payment and Security

You can book your flight easily and pay for it securely on the Air Dolomiti website with your credit card or via PayPal.
We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Mastercard and Visa.


Sales channels
service sales fees apply to all tickets purchased (excluding infants 0-2 years old). The amount varies according to the channel used:
• Web Service Sales:  €5 per leg on flights managed by Air Dolomiti
                                     €10 per ticket on flights managed by Lufthansa
• Service-Sales Call Centre: €10 per leg

Air Dolomiti L.A.R.E. S.p.A has adopted solutions guaranteeing transaction security in order to protect its customers. The security software (SSL) installed on its servers is a standard for the protection of commercial transactions. This software manages secure transactions from any PC with a browser without the need to download additional software, it guarantees the secure transmission of the personal data sent by Customers, including credit card numbers, names and addresses, and prevents such data from being read while being transmitted along the network.
This method therefore offers the maximum possible security in order to protect the purchases and privacy of Customers.

Recently, in order to make online bookings even more secure, Air Dolomiti upgraded to TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 secured protocol.
In case you should have problems, a web browser update could be needed.

Below a list of not compatible or stable with TLS1.2 browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) desktop version 8 and below
Mozilla Firefox 22 and below
Google Chrome 21 and below
Google Android OS Browser: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and below
Apple Safari: Desktop Safari versions 6 and below for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and below versions
Mobile Safari per iOS 4 and below versions

Air Dolomiti has also implemented security purchase protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard by Securcode for all the payment that use these circuits.
Verified by VISA and MasterCard by Securcode are services that allow you to shop online in complete safety. Through a simple process, Verified by VISA and Mastercard by Securcode, verify your identity and ensure that only you can make purchases with your credit card.

Air Dolomiti has always complied with the most advanced security standards suggested by the circuits.


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Air Dolomiti has also implemented security purchase protocols “verified by Visa” and “Securcode by MasterCard” for all the payment that use these circuits. 
Grazie a 3-D Secure la carta di credito diventa un metodo di pagamento perfettamente sicuro su Internet. Il 3D Secure è un protocollo che viene utilizzato per garantire agli utenti acquisti in sicurezza.
La procedura 3-D è stato messa a punto dai gestori delle principali carte di credito per proteggere i pagamenti con carta di credito su Internet. 

[Verified by VISA e Securcode by MasterCard sono servizi che ti permettono di acquistare online con maggiore sicurezza. Tramite un semplice processo di verifica accertano la tua identità e garantiscono che solo tu possa effettuare acquisti con la tua carta di credito.
La password segreta è nota soltanto al titolare della carta di credito e alla banca e durante la procedura d'acquisto viene inserita in una finestra di dialogo di quest'ultima. Si esclude così il rischio di furto delle password tramite phishing.
Può richiedere al suo istituto di credito se la sua carta di credito supporta già 3-D Secure.]

Air Dolomiti has always complied with the most advanced security standards suggested by the circuits.